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Tamil Star is a flash chat room which connects our Tamil people from all over the world. There are many benefits to our chat site that are listed below, we pride ourselves in being one of the safest chat rooms on the net, we are constantly monitored by group of admin teams and moderators.

Tamil Star aims to provide a place where all TAMIL people can communicate online without being constantly abused, threatened, or subjected to sexually explicit conversation.

  1. Updated Regularly - Our chat is constantly updated and we are always making changes to our site.
  2. Easy To use - Our chat rooms is colourful and easy to use, please check our basic user guide to help with this.
  3. Friendly Chat – Tamil Star is one of the friendly sites on the net and we pride ourselves in our room being friendly
  4. Rooms Hosted - Our rooms are monitored by admin or moderators, which prevents people coming into the room and spoiling the chat for everyone else, we kick most abusers and ban persistent offenders
  5. Secure Chat - Tamil Star is totally secure and uses a plug in called Flash player which is a safe program and a recognised free plug in available to everyone. Which means you cannot get a virus from using flash player at Tamil Star.
  6. Colourful Chat - The chat rooms is bright and gives colourful effect and makes it a nice place to chat.
  7. Fast Chat - Tamil Star is fast, reliable and can handle high loads of traffic, so it doesn't matter how many users are on Tamil Star, the site does not slow down or lag.

ADMINS & MODERATORS - The people whose name is in Red in the room are Admin, these are here to keep track of people’s movements within the chat, watch out for underage people, to kick and ban people for persistent rule breaking if necessary. The people whose name is in Green are Moderators responsible for keeping an eye on the chat room and keeping the chat room moving and kicking people who are behaving inappropriately.

Admins or Moderators are not here to chat in private so don't ask. They are here to help and if you have any problems and they may talk to you in private to discuss them. Ignoring admin or moderators will result in getting kicked out of the chat room.


Registration at Tamil Star will always be FREE, all you need is a valid email address and insert your age and sex. We do not collect contact details for any other purpose than to allow us to contact you should this be necessary and we will never spam anyone for any reason. We will email you periodically with updates from the site, you can unsubscribe easily.

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