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You accept that we reserve the right to change this disclaimer and our rules at any time without notice, and that it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of any changes made to these terms.
People who persistently break the rules at Tamil Star will be banned; your IP address will be logged onto our blacklist.

IP addresses are logged on every web page on the internet this information is stored securely and will NEVER be published anywhere, so if you post on our forums or chat in our rooms the IP is automatically logged, this information is kept safe, this is a form of self defence against people who think they can abuse this website.
By accessing the CHAT, you agree to be bound by the following rules:
  1. CAPS LOCK key cannot be used EXCEPT our Chat Administrators or Moderators.
  2. CANNOT DRAG the words. Ex: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Hellooooooooooo.
  3. Punctuations marking, Unicode font, and other language words cannot be used as NICK NAME especially bad nicks such as sex…. are NOT permitted.
  4. Can use ONLY Tamil and English languages.
  5. Unicode font is NOT allowed in main.
  6. Must click ALL USERS before sending messages in main.
  7. AVOID publishing your mail ID & contact numbers in main.
  8. Please DO NOT send bad pictures in PRIVATE, if others send you bad pictures please IGNORE them by clicking their name.
  9. Racial and Religious languages CANNOT be discussed in main.
  10. DO NOT IRRIATE other chat users by using insulting comments.
  11. We DO NOT ALLOW the impersonation of Tamil Star Admins or Moderators. The use of our Administrators or Moderators nick names CANNOT be used as your NICK name.
  12. We DO NOT PERMIT any disruption of our services by continually posting the same message OR smiles in main.
  13. We DO NOT ALLOW an Advertising of third party services or websites, unless authorised by Tamil Star Team in advance.
  14. Copyrighted materials (webcam videos, audio, etc.) that you DO NOT have permission to reproduce or distribute.
  15. Sexual chat or abuse is NEVER tolerated at Tamil Star. If we feel your username has been chosen to initiate communication of a sexual nature, it risks an immediate ban.
  16. We do not allow names advertising webcams, phone chat or hot cam chat as we are unable to moderate these forms of communication.
Criticism of Tamil Star policies or on our Administrator or moderator actions you may wish to complain or comment about it through support@tamilstar.com

For security reasons, we log all conversations that take place at Tamil Star (both public and private) along with your computer's IP address. This information is enough for you to be identified and criminally convicted if necessary.
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